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For the rest of my life.

I received this gift from a close friend - he saw this coin and wanted me to have it. It reminded him of my Superman. It reminded him of the lessons he learned from the life that Tyler lived. This coin was accompanied by a letter of equal if not greater value to me as the coin.

Superman Coin

As I read the heartfelt words that were so gently penned, one sentiment jumped from the page and made its way into my heart and into my very soul, “for the rest of my life.” Five simple words that hold a much deeper story. A story with two-sides, much like the coin received, one filled with pain, anguish, fear, darkness, and death, the other full of faith, hope, courage, light, and love.

“Your son has left a lasting impression on me - one that I will carry for the rest my life.”

At our church, I have the pleasure of teaching a class once a week to a special group of 14 and 15-year-old young men, including my son, Tanner. This past week we talked about the measure of man and how the world will sometimes measure his stature compared to what lasting manhood can really be.

This lesson goes beyond the definition of a man, it’s the definition of a life. How do we measure the success of the life we live? When we reach the end how will we be defined? How will we be measured?

As those we leave behind read the heartfelt words so gently penned about us, will the words jump from the page and into their hearts and into their very soul? Will the writer leave them with five simple words that will hold a much deeper story, “one that I will carry for the rest of my life.”

Cherish every moment.

Tyler's Dad Whatever It Takes

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