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Painful, beautiful, honest and ...searingly intimate. Chris Hallsey's chronicle of the illness and passing of his son Tyler (Whatever It Takes) is among the richest, most inspirational declarations of love we've ever read."


The light is always there and hope is always there, even when you are surrounded by darkness. You can find hope’s flame flickering brightly if you look in the right places. Hope is always there.


excerpt from Whatever It Takes, Life Lessons from a Real Superhero. 

Have you ever considered how you would respond when the unimaginable becomes your reality?

Tyler's unimaginable became his reality on February 8, 2013 when he was diagnosed with Diffuse Instrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an inoperable and incurable form of brain cancer,  he was thirteen years old.


Over the next seventeen months Tyler would encounter tremendous pain, hardship, and disappointment. However, it was not the magnitude of the trials that Tyler endured, it was the heroic way Tyler responded to each and every setback that inspired countless thousands to find their own inner courage and face their challenges with a smile and endless optimism.

This book is a memoir written during and after Tyler's battle with cancer. The entries are published as they were written - in journal style. The pages tell the story of a brave boy that inspired thousands with his courage, faith, wisdom, and uncommon outlook on life.

It's a must read for anyone facing the challenges of life that need to be reminded of the power in three words - "Whatever it takes."

Tyler Hallsey Book


ESPN Analyst and former NFL running back

"There is already a definition of courage, but Tyler displayed courage every day that he lived. I was blessed to know him and learn from him."


Former professional baseball player

"If only everyone could have the outlook on life that Tyler did. His great personality influenced everyone that knew him. I am so grateful I got a chance to know Tyler and I am forever grateful to have called him friend. "


Chief Morale Officer, speaker,
and aspiring superhero

"This is so much more than the story of a young boy courageously choosing cheer, strength, and optimism in the face of continuous suffering.  It's an invitation for all of us to do the same. "

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