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On this very special day I choose to post a picture of my favorite gifts – my kids. My wife and I were talking this week about how fast the time has passed – too fast. We would do it all again and again. Our greatest joy has always been our children. We miss the endless hours of sitting in our toddler’s toy room eating plastic hamburgers and playing Pretty Pretty Princess. I was never the father that went out with the guys or spent every weekend on the golf course. Why would I spend more time away from home when my favorite things would be at home without me – my wife and kids?

Hallsey Kids

When Tyler passed away my heart broke into a million pieces, not because I loved him more than my other kids, but because we are one. Each has his or her own place and one doesn’t take place of the other. Tyler left a hole in my life – in all our lives that will never be filled, and quite frankly I don’t ever want it filled. I want the hurt. I want the reminders. I want the heartbreak because it makes me feel closer to my Superman.

However, Tyler also taught me how to approach the most difficult circumstances in life – with a smile, an optimistic heart, and an eye squarely focused on the Savior and others. I get angry. I get depressed. I get discouraged, but I know that my boy expects more from me. If I don’t try to respond to my challenges like he did, then I learned nothing from him -and he expects more.

Tyler wanted to live. He did not want to die, but he never became bitter, or at least never allowed it to overcome him. He remained hopeful – ever hopeful. More than anything he wanted me, you – all of us, to understand who we really are and the power that we possess to overcome our trials and face the unbeatable with determination and an optimistic heart.

So, on this very sacred and beautiful Christmas morning I send you this message from Superman, please look for the light on your darkest days. Look at what you have instead of searching for what you don’t. Love when you want to hate and give when all you want is to do is take.

Cherish every moment.

Tyler’s Dad Whatever It Takes

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