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Eight months after Tyler was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) he fractured multiple vertebrae in his back - the brutal side effect of the steroid treatment aimed at keeping the swelling in his brain to a minimum and keeping him alive.

Tyler Hallsey

For the next three months he fought to be able to get in his wheelchair again. This picture was taken as he sat up under his own strength for the first time, something he had been unable to do since the fractures. We were at dinner and I can't explain to you the joy that was is those beautiful blue eyes. He was happy. He was excited. He had hope. His victory over his back was won.

Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived as a few short months later his vertebrae would re-fracture. He would never leave his bed again, but Tyler's hope was never bound to his bed or his back. His hope would never be broken. Ever. This was the most valuable lesson he taught me.

No matter your challenge.No matter your burden. No matter your trial. Never surrender. Never give up. Never allow the darkness to overtake the light. The challenge, the burden, the trial, cannot reach your spirit unless you let it in. Victory can and will be yours. There is always hope.


Cherish every moment.

Tyler's Dad Whatever It Takes

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