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While I never imagined I would visit my boy at the cemetery, I do find some peace while I am here. I listen to his songs and shed some tears. I miss him more than I could ever express. Tonight I am here with my wife and son. It's a beautiful evening and I know my little buddy is here with us. For seventeen months we cared for Tyler and lifted him when he needed it. We talked tonight how we are "sick" now and it is Tyler that cares for us. It is Tyler that provides a boost when we need it.

Sunset at Cemetary

I spent much of the day looking at the hundreds of pictures we have accumulated over the past couple of years. I laughed and cried thinking about, and missing my boy, but I felt him there and know he is never too far from me. He lifted me again today. As Tyler's health deteriorated, I think he knew the end was coming and he was afraid. He was afraid of the unknown, yes, he knew where he was going and that he would be with his Savior, but it was still unknown. Would he know anyone? What would it be like? Who would greet him? My wife comforted him as only a mother can, and assured him he would not be alone. His great grandparents and family that preceded him would be there for a joyful reunion. He then asked about his dog, Koda, he would miss him and was afraid he would never see him again. Once again, she assured my Superman that all would be made right in heaven, and that Koda was his dog and will always be his dog. On earth and in heaven. There is so much noise and confusion that comes with everyday life, but one thing must always remain top of mind and in complete and total focus, and that is family. Nothing is more important. Love those that are close to you. Be present, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. It's the only thing that lasts. It's the only thing that matters. Cherish every moment. Tyler's Dad Whatever It Takes

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