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Tyler loved to write in his journal.  He wrote about the good days and the hard days, too.  He taught us important life lessons about how to face life's challenges head on and with an optimistic heart.  To honor that legacy and encourage each of us to look for the good in our lives we created Tyler Journals.

Our journals are designed to help you see your life in a new way - to see the hope and joy that is found in each and every day. As you write in your Tyler Journal we encourage you to be honest - write about the good things and the things that aren't so good. If you had a bad day write about why it was bad, but each and every day at the bottom of the page you must write how your life was amazing or how you did whatever it takes to overcome a trial or challenge that day.

Your day may have been amazing for something as small as a hug from a friend or as big as your wedding day or birth of a child. Your whatever it takes for the day may have been as small as having just enough courage to get out of bed to face the day, or as big as enduring your first cancer treatment with a smile and an optimistic heart.


If you do this every day we promise that you will see a difference in your life. You will see more blue skies, you will hear more birds sing, and you will see the good that is in you and everything around you. As the days pass you will find you will no longer have room in the space at the bottom of the page to write how your "life is amazing" or how you did "whatever it takes."

Our journals are available at no charge for kids fighting cancer.

To request a free journal for a child with cancer please submit a request.

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