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Through our speaking engagements and utilizing Tyler's life as a backdrop, we provide hope and strength to people by equipping them with the knowledge and perspective to find the path to his or her own amazing life!

Having watched his son, Tyler, respond so positively and courageously to the devastating diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, Chris gained tremendous perspective on life, death, and how to live a life of significance. 

Chris Hallsey


  • Hope

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Self belief

  • Perspective

  • Childhood Cancer Advocacy

Chris Hallsey
Chris Hallsey

"Chris delivers an inspiring message of self belief during times of trial. A message that will motivate anyone to do whatever it takes to overcome their periods of hardship and change their perspective for the remainder of their lives." 


Stetson Hills
Ridgeline Academy
Where Hope Lives
Wireless Revolution
Arizon State University
Boulder Creek High School
Allstar Phone Repair
Arizona Diamondbacks
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
E Systems Management


Chris delivers Tyler’s message in a way that only a loving father can. The 'Whatever it Takes' message transcends our educational focus and touches the core of our humanity. In the rush of life it can be difficult to remember how to actually LIVE.  Regaining our focus on what truly matters and remembering our own strength through the eyes of a courageous young man who really understood how to LIVE and enjoy life was a message that reached our teachers and students alike. We will carry on Tyler’s amazing legacy, 'Whatever it Takes'!

Keven Barker

School Director, Ridgeline Academy

Chris delivers a powerful, heart-felt message inspiring one to do their best regardless of their obstacles.  His message motivates and challenges to rise above.  'We are all uniquely qualified to overcome and endure.'  Whether personal or business related, Chris’ message inspires to achieve goals and to always do 'Whatever It Takes.'

Scott Adams

Vice President, Ecolab

Whatever It Takes, has become my motto thanks to Chris and Tyler. Chris Hallsey is extremely motivational and understands my business. He has helped me be more successful in my life and Tyler's story has brought great perspective and balance. I can't recommend Chris more.

Denny Mitchell

CEO, Wireless Revolution

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