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Tyler's Dream

Our Programs

Tyler had a dream of making the world a better place and The Tyler Hallsey Foundation is a continuation of that dream. We strive every day to make the world a better place for children fighting cancer today and tomorrow through two of our pillar programs - CRUSH CANCER and MILES OF SMILES.  Our third pillar, PATH TO HOPE was created to help people of all ages face the daily challenges that life inevitably brings. We are committed to making the world we all live in a little better each and every day.

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Crush Cancer focuses on raising funds to find a cure for childhood cancer, starting with DIPG. We fund studies that provide hope and have shown the potential to change the game in the fight against childhood cancer.

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MILES OF SMILES focuses on children facing a life  threatening cancer diagnosis with the goal of doing 'whatever it takes' to bring a smile to the faces of these special kids and their families. 

This program has two options, FIRST, we provide assistance in securing equipment or other areas of need that are not covered by insurance or other financial means that are designed to increase the child's quality of life. This may include medical devices, bedroom remodels, home wheelchair access or other specific quality of life needs. Contact us today by submitting a request form.

SECOND, we focus on bringing joy to the child by focusing on their wants or a local wish. What would bring the child joy or happiness amidst the battle they are fighting? Contact us today by submitting a request form.

Path to Hope
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Through PATH TO HOPE we provide hope to people by equipping them with the knowledge and perspective to find the path to his or her own amazing life!

Through Chris Hallsey's speaking (Tyler's Dad) engagements and utilizing Tyler's life as a backdrop, we provide hope and strength to people by equipping them with the knowledge and perspective to find the path to his or her own amazing life! 

Having watched his son, Tyler, respond so positively and courageously to the devastating diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, Chris gained tremendous perspective on life, death, and how to live a life of significance.


It is these experiences that led Chris to a greater understanding of the importance of self-belief, hope and perspective, and how one cannot live without the other.


  • Hope

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Self belief

  • Perspective

  • Childhood Cancer Advocacy

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